Special Issues

Scitechz group encourages submissions of any special issue (s) falling under the scope of its journals. These issues are expected to highlight the emerging advances in the research and technological innovations associated with that specified area. Special issues must be a collection of referred articles pertaining to a predefined topic(s) perfectly falling in the scope of the selected journal. All special issue articles are treated no differently than other articles submitted to the journal and hence are expected to adhere to the standard norms and conditions of the journal in accordance to our editorial policy. Topics appealing to wide international readership and promptly encouraged. Special issues should not include previously published work elsewhere and editors and authors should ensure that the originality, quality, innovativeness and significance of the articles submitted should be maintained. Conferences conducted on special areas of research can also publish their original research findings of the participants in the special issues of our journals.

Proposal guidelines

Editors and Co-editors

  • The Guest editors and co-editors of the special issue should provide the proposed title along with topics which can be included to be published as special issue
  • They should submit their detailed credentials along with their contributions and expertise in the proposed area
  • A small write up explaining the importance of the topics to be covered in the special issue
  • All the appropriate decided deadlines for starting the special issue, submission of articles and any other dates pertaining to acceptance of the articles etc., are to be clearly stated
  • Estimated number of articles in the proposed issue along with the list of reviewers proposed if any should be submitted
  • Any other plans for promoting quality submissions for special issue like meetings, conferences etc., are to be mentioned


  • Authors interested to submit their articles or research works must communicate with the assigned special issue editors or the journal editorial team
  • The articles to be submitted must be in accordance with the editorial policy of the journal like any other manuscript submission
  • The decision to accept or reject particular article submitted remains with the editorial team of special issue and journal
  • For all further enquiries or assistance the authors can always approach the special editorial team or journal editorial team
  • If the author has research data which can be presented as more than one article they are still encouraged to apply their works as multiple submissions
  • Scitechz Group encourages all eminent pool of scientists, researchers, editors and professionals to propose relevant special issues in emerging research areas of their interest which can be published in our listed journals. Our team is committed to the progress in science and technology as a whole and any assistance required regarding the special issue can be obtained by writing to us at info@scitechz.com