Author Resources

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

We suggest the authors to read this formatting guide entirely as it illustrates how to prepare manuscript for submissions. This helps you to become acquainted with yourself to SciTechz Group formatting style.

Types of Articles

The author(s) are encouraged to request a specific type of article upon submission (please include this in the cover letter); Contributions can be made in the format of Editorials, Letter to the Editor, Commentaries, Original article, research, Rapid Communication, Review, Short Reviews, Case Studies, Case Reports, Clinical Images, Conference Proceedings, Meeting Reports, Study Protocols.

Following are the sections under Manuscript

1. Manuscript Title : Precise and Explanatory

2. Abstract: Approximately 350 words with unspecified references

3. Keywords: 6-10 Keywords

4. Abbreviations: Spelled out in the text for the first time and used routinely thereafter.

5. Corresponding Author Information: Name, Affiliation, Complete address, Email address, Telephone and Fax number.

Body Text: Varies for types of articles.

Original/Research Articles/Rapid Communication: Includes introduction, materials and methods, results and discussions, conclusion, acknowledgements and references, Figures and Tables (if any). No word limit

Review Article/Mini Review/Short Reviews: Introduction, headings, conclusion, acknowledgements and references, Figures and Tables (if any). No word limit

Editorial/Letter to Editor/Perspective: Description and references. Should not exceed 1500 words (excluding references)

Case Studies/Case Reports/Clinical Images: Case presentation, Image description, discussion and conclusion, acknowledgements (if any) references and figures/images. Should not exceed more than 1500 words (excluding references).

6. Acknowledgements: Please mention grants details if any or express his recognition towards his interest.

7. References: SciTechz uses Vancouver referencing style. Each reference number should be closed by square brackets.

SciTechz Group Reference Format: Author(s) Last name, Article title, Journal Name(Short Name as in PubMed), Published year; Volume number: Page numbers.

8. Equations/Formulae: Please use Math type for equations. For Greek letters, special characters and few mathematical symbols use symbol font or normal text.

9. Figures and Figure Legends: Submission of Figures must be only in high-resolution TIFF, PNG, JPEG formats. Figure legends are mandatory and should not be more than 90 words.

10. Tables and Table Captions: All Tables must be cell bases, editable and short. Submission of tables must be in .xls (Excel), .doc(Word doc) or PPT formats. Table captions are mandatory and should not be more than 90 words.

11. Supplementary Material (if any)