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  • Research Article

    In vitro Evaluation of Phototoxic Properties of Systemic Antipsoriatics

    Bernadette Eberlein1*, and Marianne Placzek2

    Abstract: A combination therapy with phototherapy at the beginning of a systemic antipsoriatic therapy with fumaric acid esters, apremilast, methotrexate, anti-TNF- agents, ustekinumab or secukinumab or in case of only a partial remission is sometimes used . As these chemicals can be absorbed into the skin, photosensitive effects with the clinical symptoms of exaggerated sunburn should be investigated. We assessed phototoxic properties of these substances using an in vitro photohaemolysis test. In this in vitro model of phototoxicity UV-induced damage of erythrocytes and resultant haemolysis is measured. This test) exhibited no phototoxic effects. Therefore combination of these substances with either UVA-rich or demonstrated minor phototoxic properties (< 15% photohemolysis) of some of the used systemic antipsoriatics (adalimumab, fumaric acid ester, infliximab, ustekinumab).
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  • Case Report

    Management of TEN in developing countries: Care and Clinical skills

    Mwageni N1, Masenga JE1, Mavura D1, and Naafs B2*

    Abstract: This is a case report of a young patient with toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) treated in a resource-poor country. It gives a short review of the causes leading to this condition and discusses the immunopathology and the treatment of TEN with emphasis on the problems encountered. The most plausible cause was traditional herbal medication.
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