Peer Review

All the articles/reviews/mini communications/special issues or any other content submitted to our journals are first processed by our editorial team. The topics covered in the content are ensured to meet the minimum journal standards for their quality, validity, novelty, relevance and contribution to the respective field. All the submitted content expected to be in accordance with the guidelines of editorial policy of the journal.

Peer Review helps to ensure your content being reviewed by an expert and helps in publication of the best in your field of interest

  • Peer Review helps to ensure your content being reviewed by an expert and helps in publication of the best in your field of interest
  • It points to the authors about the gaps in references or any required additional information or clarification required for the betterment of paper
  • Peer review creates awareness of the emerging topics in the current research of area of interest
  • Only collective valid research articles significantly contributing to specific areas of research in the scope of journal are highlighted
  • Reviewers involved in Peer Review are responsible to analyze the validity, novelty of the work and can point out any shortcomings in the paper for further improvements
  • The editorial team reserves the right to decide the fate of the article depending on appropriate grounds of relevance, quality, ethics etc.,
  • The articles processed and being sent for reviewing are assumed to have met the basic criteria of publication in the journal
  • All the journals listed under Scitechz Group follow double blinded peer review guidelines
  • Double blinded peer review is a quality process of reviewing which ensures to eliminate personal biases based on sex, reputation, seniority, affiliation, nationality etc.,
  • The submitting authors and the reviewers are concealed from each other throughout the review process.

Double blinded peer reviewing submission process guidelines:

  • Two separate files are submitted, one consisting of the Title page with author details and another blinded for the
  • The first copy of the manuscript should include all details like title, authors names, affiliations and complete address of the corresponding authors with email address, fax and telephone numbers
  • The name of the article should be named (anonymized) such that it does not reveal any personal information about the authors
  • Nowhere in the manuscript the authors should mention anything related to their affiliations with the institute etc.,
  • All relevant acknowledgments and funding agency information should not be included in the article
  • Always present only self-references relevant to the research article
  • Self citations to be included in the article are to be presented as (Anonymous, 2015)
  • In the list of references indicate self citations as (Anonymous, 2015)
  • Finally based on the reviewers comments, the editorial team of the journal reserves the right to decide on the fate of the publication of the article unconditionally/ to accept with minor or major revisions / to reject it